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If you have a family law parenting matter or Family Court proceedings underway, Perth Divorce Lawyers can help. Our lawyers have over 25 years of experience in family law and can help you achieve the best outcome for your family.

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Following the breakdown of a relationship, one of the most important decisions parents will face, is the future care and living arrangements for the children of their relationship.

These are undoubtedly highly sensitive issues and the best interests of your child should be the strongest consideration, including protecting your child from harm and/or exposing them to risk of harm. You should also bear in mind the time your child spends with each parent must be reasonably practicable.

You will need to consider matters such as who has parental responsibility for a child, how decisions about a child are to be made, where and with whom your child should live and the time the child spends with the other parent as well as other significant people in your child’s life e.g. grandparents.

Sometimes parents cannot reach agreement about what is in their children’s best interests and they need the court to make decisions for them.


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Successfully negotiating or litigating children and parenting matters

If you want to apply for a parenting order, in most cases, you will have to comply with “pre-action procedure”. This includes trying to negotiate the terms of your parenting agreement. This process is known as “compulsory family dispute resolution”.

Some cases may be exempt from dispute resolution e.g. if your matter is very urgent or there is a risk of child abuse.

You can get more information from us about, or we can help arrange, your family dispute resolution (mediation).

If mediation is successful, you have the option to enter into either a Parenting Plan or apply to the Family Court for parenting orders by consent.

If your mediation is unsuccessful, you will be issued with a certificate which must be filed with an Initiating Application to the Family Court seeking parenting orders. If you are exempt from filing a certificate, you must file an exemption form with your Initiating Application.


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Perth Divorce Lawyers is a results-driven family law firm. We are here to help, let us navigate you toward a time and cost-effective resolution.

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We will help you understand the underlying law and the Family Court system, providing legal advice every step of the way.

With our knowledge and experience you will have a thorough understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of your different options. 

Initial consultation

Meet with one of our experienced family lawyers. We are approachable and aim to provide clear legal advice across all areas of family law including your parenting matter.

Parenting by agreement

Parents are encouraged to reach their own agreement about the living arrangements that will work best for their children following separation. These agreements can be documented in a range of ways.

Family dispute resolution

If the parents cannot agree on their parenting arrangements, we will help you mediate your differences to try and reach a solution. If successful, you can avoid potentially stressful court proceedings.

Family Court

Sometimes parents cannot reach agreement about what is in their children’s best interests and they need the Court to make decisions for them.

Children and parenting matters – tips & advice

Simplifying the process for you

Considering the children

Your children’s well-being and best interests are foremost in parenting matters. It is important for parents to keep in mind that they will be dealing with the other parent for many years into the future.

Remove stress – there is help

There is no substitute for experience. Our lawyers have more than 25 years’ experience in all areas of family law. Let us help navigate your family law parenting matter and guide you to resolution.

Understand the underlying law

The Family Law Act 1975 (Cth.) and Family Court Act 1997 (WA) provide that, in parenting matters, the best interests of the child are the paramount consideration.

Take the process one step at a time

We understand this is a difficult time, but these issues do get resolved in due course. Our experience and legal knowledge will assist you move past these difficulties and towards a better future for you a



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I approached Perth Divorce Lawyers because I required assistance with my Family Court proceedings mainly requiring legal assistance with parenting and financial matters including the preparation of my will and divorce matters.Perth Divorce Lawyers helped me by providing sound legal advice, complet…


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During the initial consultation we get to know each other and discuss the history of your relationship, what you are concerned about and what you hope to achieve.   We will ask you questions about your children, how they have been cared for during the relationship and after separation, how they are managing, any concerns you have and what type of parenting arrangement you are hoping to have in future.

You may like to prepare a summary of important information such as the children’s dates of birth as well as education and special needs.  If possible, bring in a copy of your marriage certificate if you have one and the birth certificates for each of your children.  This will help if you want us to do ongoing work, as we will already have copies of these documents.  If there is a restraining order in place and/or bail conditions apply, it is important that we are provided with that information preferably copies of the relevant documents.

Yes.  Your information is confidential.  All communications between our office and you are covered by legal professional privilege.  This is a rule of law protecting communications between legal practitioners and their clients from disclosure.  A solicitor is professionally and legally obliged to keep the affairs of their clients confidential.  The underlying principle is that a person should be entitled to seek and obtain legal advice without the concern of being prejudiced by subsequent disclosure of confidential communications.

We will not disclose our communications with you to others and you should not either.  Doing so could be a waiver, directly or implicitly, of your legal professional privilege.  The waiver of your legal professional privilege could have serious consequences for you.


Congratulations.  The hardest part is reaching agreement.  How you formalise this agreement will depend on what the agreement you have reached relates to.

Parenting arrangements can be resolved informally, with a Parenting Plan or with court orders.  Court orders can be made by consent.  How you document the agreement will have implications if you need to enforce the agreement in future so it is important to take legal advice on your options.