Mediation: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Mediation (a form of alternative dispute resolution) is the process through which a separated couple, with the assistance of an independent mediator, work together to resolve their parenting and/or property matters with the aim of reaching their own agreement.  Mediation is confidential and voluntary so both parties have to agree to participate.

Our director, Annelie van Zyl, is a NMAS accredited mediator with AIFLAM (Australian Institute for Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators) as well as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner registered with the Attorney General’s Department. Annelie regularly accepts instructions to Chair mediation on property and/or parenting matters. Annelie also accepts instructions to act as legal representative for clients at mediation conferences.

Alternative dispute resolution, when compared to defended court proceedings, is generally a faster and more cost-effective option to finally resolve your family law matter.  We have seen firsthand the satisfying outcomes that can be achieved when the parties themselves control the outcome of their matter.

As part of our dedication to finding cost-effective solutions to your legal needs, whenever appropriate, we would suggest incorporating mediation as part of your resolution process.