Child Support

If a child of your relationship lives with you, you may be entitled to claim child support from the other parent.

Ordinarily child support is determined administratively by the Department of Human Services (formerly known as Child Support Agency) mainly taking into account the incomes of the parents and the care percentage of the child.

These assessments are known as administrative assessments. Only in some limited circumstances may you apply to the Family Court in relation to child support.

There is also the option for parents to reach their own agreement in relation to the payment of child support. The agreed child support payable can be more or less than an administrative assessment. Private child support arrangements can be formalised by entering into either a limited or a binding child support agreement.

International child support issues are not uncommon. This is where a child support assessment or court order was made in an overseas jurisdiction where the parent lives and our Department of Human Services collects the child support from the paying parent residing in Australia. As with any international family law dispute, international child support issues including collection, can be very complex and it is of the utmost importance that you obtain legal advice to ensure you protect your interests.

Whether you need legal advice in relation to your administrative child support assessment, the preparation of your child support agreement, your right to commence Family Court proceedings in relation to child support or international child support issues, our Family Law lawyers are able to assist you.