Children Arrangements In Perth

Following the breakdown of their relationship, one of the most important decisions separating parents will face, is the future care and living arrangements for the children of their relationship.


Property Settlement Lawyers

After the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, the division of property is critically important to the financial future of both parties.


Best Divorce Lawyers In Perth

If you have been separated from the other party to the marriage for 12 months, you can apply for a divorce.
The application for divorce can be made by either one party or both parties jointly.


Mediation Lawyers In Perth

Mediation is the process through which a separated couple with the assistance of a mediator work together to resolve their differences and to reach their own agreement.

Spousal and Partner Maintenance

Spousal and Partner Maintenance

Legally a party to either a marriage or a de facto relationship (including same sex couples) may be able to seek ongoing financial assistance from the other party. This is referred to as spousal maintenance and is separate from a party/parent’s obligation to pay child support for a child of the relationship.